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Biosensing. Reimagined.

about us

Rosa Biotech is redefining biosensing. We are enabling previously intractable challenges in early disease diagnosis and industrial biotechnology to be addressed accurately and at scale.


Our patent-pending technology builds upon and extends the pioneering protein design work of Prof. Dek Woolfson and his team at the University of Bristol’s Synthetic Biology Research Centre, BrisSynBio. By combining this with advanced machine-learning techniques, we offer a powerful platform capable of being trained to address numerous complex biosensing problems.


Rosa was incorporated in early 2019, following 12 months of preparation and detailed planning. The company is backed by a team of experienced, high-profile business angels. These include the founders of Ziylo, the biosensing company recently acquired by Novo Nordisk for up to $800 million, and Cramer, the systems technology company acquired by Amdocs for $425M.


We are based at the Unit DX biosciences hub in the heart of Bristol. Conveniently located near Bristol Temple Meads station, the hub is home to over 20 science-driven companies and provides a melting pot of academic researchers, startup and spinout companies, investors and support services.



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Most biosensors are only capable of binding a single analyte. We have developed a novel sensing platform that mimics the rapid and precise approach honed over millions of years in the olfactory systems of mammals. 

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We have developed self-assembling peptide barrels capable of binding a huge range of analytes. By using computation design, we can generate an almost infinite number of variants – each of which displays different binding affinities.

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Analyte binding induces characteristic colour changes, which we can interpret through our proprietary machine learning algorithms and use to make commercial and clinical predictions.

Our assays are built and run on precise high-throughput liquid handling robots enabling rapid scaling and high reproducibility. Video credit Spin Up Science.


Rosa Biotech’s unique approach has opened up the possibility of solving biosensing challenges that were previously regarded as too complex, time consuming or expensive to address at scale.  We are already commercialising an assay to enable consistent improvements in the yield rates of biologics production for pharmaceutical manufacturers. We have shown that Rosa’s solution delivers bottom-line improvements to this high-cost process – enabling both significant savings in manufacturing costs and millions of dollars of increased product yield.


We will be announcing further solution sets that cover a variety of medical diagnoses and industrial biotechnology areas in due course.


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Our offices and labs are located at Unit DX in the heart of Bristol:

Rosa Biotech, Unit DX, Albert Road, Bristol, BS2 0XJ

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