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New arrivals at Rosa Biotech

We've welcomed three new R&D team members to Rosa in the last couple of months. They all bring new and exciting expertise that will allow us to reach our scientific goals over the coming months.

Dr Ulrike Obst

Ulrike joined Rosa this month as a Senior Scientist. She gained her PhD from the Technical University Munich, where she focused on the optimisation of protein secretion in the yeast P. pastoris. During her PhD, Ulrike spent time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she developed a genetic toolkit for enzyme secretion. Following this, she joined the University of Bristol as a Post-doctoral Research Associate investigating the human pathogenetic yeast C. albicans, before becoming responsible for the serology scale-up in Bristol's UNCOVER project in response to COVID-19.

Ulrike is a specialist in high-throughput technologies and laboratory automation and brings with her 6 years of experience in the field of synthetic biology. She joins our wet-lab team to develop the next iteration of our sensing platform and tailor it for some of the new applications we're exploring.

Eleanor Moffitt

Eleanor joined Rosa for a 3-month internship in May this year as part of her MSc in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology at The University of Edinburgh. Since joining the company (and after learning to code from scratch!), Eleanor has been working with our R&D team to generate new data visualisations. These will be invaluable for communicating results from our computational team back to the lab, and vice versa, and will allow us to better communicate our science to future collaborators.

Josh Lewin

Josh joined the company this month after we secured an RSC graduate internship grant. He recently completed his MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol and undertook a final year project in the Woolfson lab.

Since joining Rosa, Josh has already got stuck into conducting computational ligand docking studies of small molecules with our a-helical barrels. Between now and September, he'll be using these techniques to better understand the breadth of analytes that bind to our a-helical barrels. This will help us to select or design new a-helical barrels for specific application areas.

Welcome to the team Ulrike, Eleanor and Josh!

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